Friday, June 15, 2012

Life Happens!

Life happens!
And when it does it takes you back to those moments when life has happened before and has left you feeling this pain, this deep ache that makes you wish, with everything in you, that you could turn back the clock and change the outcome of a few moments, or a lost chance.  Somehow all the 'positive thinking' or 'make lemonade' efforts can't take away it's sting!  It just hurts!

Sometimes you think- this should not hurt so much!  It seems silly that your heart feels so heavy with grief.  You know what it is like to really hurt!  This is not one of those times when life is forever changed.  No one has died.  No body has been arrested.  Nothing has been damaged.

It was just a dream, a hope for a brief retreat from 'normal' (whatever that is).  It was rubbing shoulders with 'strangers' really.  It was being alone, but being together.  It was walking on sandy beach, instead of green lawn.  All of which, except the beach, can be done right here!

But a missed plane,
means a missed journey,
means a missed meeting
and missed conversation
means- a missed opportunity!  You just never know what!

Life does happen! I do know one thing!  I don't like it! Often I don't know how to react to it, or recover from it.

I know there are so many things in life we can't control!  But I want to be more 'in control' of the things I can.    I want to choose more of what 'happens' in my life. I want to live life on purpose when I can!  I want to  accomplish the things I choose to do and see success.

But then you have to come to terms with how you define success.  It can get pretty messy all over again.

Well Lord! Help me know to DO what are the important things to do!  Help me know when to 'let go' of the things that are beyond my control.

In the mean time, I now have 3 days I wasn't planning on!
How do you want me to use them?