Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something's happening!!!!

Since my lessons from the closet- something's happened!

The process of getting Lei's room redone- of doing some of the hard work myself- has been opening not only my heart, but my mind, body & soul to living! Since we painted the walls in Leisha's room, I've found myself stronger and more able to sustain the daily wear and tear that used to sock me in the gut and force me to lay down more than I was up. Am I getting physically stronger? It feels like it. But more than that, the stress of the mental & emotional is becoming manageable. I'm not having to take extra meds as often to control my reactions to stress. That's what you have to do when you have Addison's disease and your adrenal glands no longer take care of that for you. I'm actually able to PUSH through things that I could not do just a few months ago.

Could it all be connected with grabbing hold of a room that once belonged to my precious girl? Or is that fact that I am beginning to 'own' more than the room.

In the process of cleaning out closets, I've also addressed some issues that were cluttering my heart- my relationships. I'm finding healing in me and in my body.

But it's not just's more. It's Rennie! It's Cait and Brie!
It's finally having a dream again- all of us! It's not knowing where it will lead us yet-but it's feeling like dreaming again. Dreaming! That's hasn't happened in a long time!

I don't know what it is yet--- I just know something is happening!
I'm gonna pay close attention! It feels like hope!

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  1. cheering for continued healing through the process!
    hope is a beautiful thing.