Friday, April 15, 2011

For YOU I am Grateful!

This week we finished up the group study we started- in many ways last fall. It started with a journey to look at our stories and see what they are telling us. It went from there to a process of 'rewriting our emotional scripts'. It ended with a realness and sweetness that I've rarely found in a study group. For that I am grateful!

Was it the study we did? Oh the book, Rewriting Your Emotional Script, by Becky Harling, definitely challenged & directed our/ my thinking. It was harder than we anticipated but richer than we ever dreamed. Becky led us trough a journey of the BEATITUDES that caused us to realize our desperation for God, to grieve our losses, to let go of control and set our affection on God. In my mind, if I had quit then, I would have been changed forever. But as we continued through the beatitudes, I gained an understanding of the value of the process. I know about week 7 I told Becky how inspired the order was. She laughed and said, "Kathy, it's scripture!" Duh! (my word). She shared the journey the Lord took her on- right from scripture. Once again, God's word did it's work in our heart! For Becky and this book, straight from God's Word, I am grateful!

Was it the women who attended the group? Oh they were wonderful! None of us could really envision what this particular group of women who gathered together would mean to us over these weeks. Our personalities were unique, and our stories were varied - but where they intersected was powerful! We realized we weren't alone! We noticed where our authentic sharing was impacting someone else in ways we never would have believed. We saw how our stories are not ours to hide away, but to share- not with everyone, but with those God places in our world that need to hear it. And we grew in our willingness to share it honestly. The community that resulted was a gift! For you my dear Kairos friends, I am so grateful!

So take this 'powerful study' and add to it "honest, authentic women with courage to look at some of the hard places in life', what made this study so impacting was an awareness that God was breaking into our stories once again. And as He did- we were changed! I was changed!

For that, Lord, I am grateful!

For those who live in the area: we will be offering another group study of this book this summer, begining in June. I you are interested contact me- we have a few places left.

For those who live elsewhere:you may do this on your own- but if there was enough interest, I will do a 'telegroup' and meet on a conference call (from whereever you live) to talk through what we are all learning as we go through it this summer. Let me know if you have an interest in this by May 15. We only have 8 spots open for this.

I know you have a lot of options to study! But this is one that we all should do at one time in our lives. Now is as good as any! Join me!

CBD book description: Women with troubled past are often poor in spirit and mourning. They carry years of emotional baggages that keeps them in bondage to a time, event or person in their lives. Becky Harling understands, and says that you can be free from the bondage. Using the blessings in the Beatitudes, Becky shows how to erase negative emotional messages of the past. Learn how to rewrite your emotional script by adopting the positive attitudes of the Beatitudes.

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