Sunday, January 15, 2012

from a heart forever changed!!!!

So this weekend at church, the worship team led us in a new song!  A great song with great words!  I caught it right away and felt like the words were speaking my heart, as if my heart knew the words before I sang them.

I wanted to share it with you- but I couldn't find it on the internet.  That's when I realized that it was Jason's song.  Jason is our worship pastor and song writer.  He is a friend who is empowering me to worship freely and be part of leading worship once again.  I truly thought I might be 'too old' to be part of that again.  But now that my heart is ready, he is helping me get ready in other ways. Someday I'll share the tune with you- but for now- let these words encourage you to give your 'offering of praise' to the one who changed your heart forever.


Lord, I can’t contain it,     I wanna shout it to the world
You have changed my heart, And given out Your love so freely
And though I don’t deserve it,     Yet You gave it anyway
You offered up your life, So I could live

            Receive this offering of praise, It’s from a heart forever changed                                                
            My life is overflowing with Your love and with Your grace
            I praise You Lord with all my heart, and tell how wonderful You are          
            I cannot help but burst in loudest song before You now


   There’s not a day that passes, when I don’t think about Your Love
   You sustain my life,  and fill each day with grace and mercy
   And so with every heartbeat,     I will give myself away
   I’ll offer up my life in praise to You



Hallelujah!    Oh oh   You’re the One who freed my soul
Hallelujah!    Oh oh      Now I’ll let my praises flow                   
Hallelujah      Oh oh            


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