Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to a Special Lady! (Rosalie Flickinger)

Fifty-four years ago today you were celebrating your 19th birthday!  And on that day a little girl was born into your life. She was special in many ways, but mainly it was because she was born on your day!  And because of that, you have always been special to her.

It wasn't that you got to spend that much time together, because truth be told, in the 54 years since then, you really only lived close to one another for 4 years of her college life.  But those were important years for her, first time away from home and all.  There were so many times when a conversation with you changed her perspective on life.  Whether it was a new awareness that "God can make it happen" or a faith journey that stretched you to trust Him more, this girl was watching. Her recipes files are filled with some from your kitchen.  Her memories are many of the summer she stayed with you: waking up late for school, talking about your work, or church, or movies.  Sharing picnics in your backyard or 'Sound of Music' night with the girls from her hall around your TV, and even a bridal shower in your living room.

Though miles separated you from the girl, she continued to watch you!
She watched you take the step to move to Minnesota.
Then build your dream house, only to let it all go a year later to move to Germany.
Or the time you came to the States to say good bye to your mom, only to have her pass away right after you got home and not be able to return.
She watched as you returned to Omaha- for the third time.  Once when you were in college, once when the girl was in college and Flick was teaching there, and now, once again, at the place where you two fell in love.  A place of beginning again!

Finally to 'retire'! (Yeah, right!) and then face some of the biggest life lessons yet!  You have continued to press into your relationship with your husband- Fifty plus years! She was watching and learning to press into her relationship with her husband as well!

All the while, you have continued to be faithful example of a steadfast hope in an awesome God! It hasn't always been easy! But you have always kept on!

That girl is so grateful that you have been her life, so grateful that your faith journey has influenced hers! Thank you for being you- for being authentic!

Happy Birthday Aunt Rosalie!
I love sharing your day!

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