Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I may be all grown up- but I still call my father, Daddy! Maybe it's a 'southern' thing- I did grow up in Texas. Or maybe it's an endearing term- I think it is! There are times I call him 'my father', or Dad! But more often than not, I still call him Daddy!

There are so many things that have endeared him to me:

Like the times he gave me piggy back rides, or taught me to ride my bike- with training wheels! then without! Then he let me 'work' for him- I think I earned $.50 an hour. And then there was the time I talked some friends into throwing him into the deep end of the pool. And then I remembered he didn't swim and had to get my friends to get him out. I felt awful.

I remember the night he followed me "down the isle" at church camp when I was 7. I was terrified that if I died that night I would go to hell. Daddy taught me a verse from John 3:16. For God so loved Kathy that if Kathy would believe in His son, Kathy would have everlasting life. That night I surrendered my life to God's deep love for me.

I also remember the day I was asked to be in the local beauty pageant and I said no because I thought he would. But Daddy encouraged me to 'pray about it. Well I was pretty sure God would say no too- so I didn't really bother to pray. Then my dad told me that he thought God wanted me to be in the pageant. My mouth dropped wide open- but I didn't hesitate. God changed my life that day- and the day I won that pageant. Daddy taught me God was intimately involved with my life- and didn't want me to take a back seat because I was a christian.

He couldn't resist being part of the photo shoot either!

And there were the many classes that he taught & sermons he preached - and the day he baptised me. OR the day he hugged me hard after my Sr Music Recital in college and said "You are the best!" Or the day he walked me down the isle to my future husband and not only 'gave me away' but married us too!

Daddy, you've been there for so many important things! And for the not so important! I'm so grateful for the legacy you have passed on to me- and on to my children. You've taught me that God is bigger than I can ever imagine. And modeled for me to keep watching for him.

Thank you for your love and support- even if my ways are not your ways.

I love you with all my heart!

I just wanted you to know!

Happy Father's Day!

I love you!


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