Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 24, 2011 I prayed for you today!

I came back to the woods today. Everything is different than last week.

Last week I felt frantic- this week I'm calm, joyful. Last week I walked purposefully. I was only focused on getting to the HOPE cabin spot. I had to get there- to be where I feel HOPE growing.
This week I walk slowly, quietly, breathing it all in. I notice things. This week I hear the sounds of the woods. Yes, there are sounds of traffic on the highway, but it's distant. The children are laughing and squealing on the playground nearby. But nothing interupts the sounds of the crocuses, the birds, a leaf falling to the ground- yes, I hear them. I see the different shades of green and brown in the forest as the light shines in from above and its rays reflect off the leaves before they begin to change the colors of fall.

It's a good time to be in the woods. The cool morning makes it a great day for my jeans and long-sleeved denim shirt. It rained last night, so the ground is damp and I'm sure farther up the trail I'll have to dodge the patches of mud. But the path to the JOURNEY cabin was paved with wood chips. The smell was earthy. The air refreshing as I entered the woods from the clearing.

I have a full day planned- you see this is my PRAYER DAY! I'm hear to get with God about my life/ business. I have a lot planned. But here I sit. Listening! As I do my heart settles down, my soul finds center and I realize that this is exactly what today is about. Not planning, not me telling God, but me listening to God!

And as I did I was reminded of many of you- I was reminded to pray.
So on this favorite spot deep in the woods,
I prayed for your dreams and your plans, for your hurts and your losses,
I prayed for your relationships with family and friends, for your influence in your world.
I prayed that God would give you courage to face your fears and that you would toss aside the mask you hide behind when you feel insecure.
I prayed that you would find time to rest in your private sanctuary with your heavenly father.
I prayed that there you would see that He sees into you and you see into Him- you know what that's called

In to Me See- intimacy!

While you are there- face to face, eye to eye with your Creator, your Redeemer, I prayed that you would worship from a grateful heart!

I did!

I've only been here a couple of hours- and it's already been a great day!

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