Monday, June 14, 2010

The Green Room Update

Well, it's taken 3 years, 9 months, & 14 days but the walls are painted- a perfect shade of Green!

It's been such a journey to come to the place that we could begin to claim Leisha's room for anything other than her room. But even though the walls were painted a hot pink, bright yellow and blazing orange- it began to feel like a hole- a brown hole that was that was void of the life that once blared through it.

Leisha had painted the room herself the year before she died. Though I helped her some, she was the one who really labored to get the right colors and find the right sheets that she used for curtains and her bed. And she did indeed labor to paint those walls. I was reminded of that this weekend. The walls are textured plaster. And it is hard to get in all the crevices even on the second coat. I remember that I helped her with the second coat of the different colors because she was getting discouraged at getting a good coverage. I must admit- I was cursing that hot pink for the same reason as I was trying to cover it with green this time. And I did leave just a bit of the orange showing in one wall- just because it reminded me she was there.

I was so grateful that Cait was home this school year- because she literally walked me through the process of each item- is this important to me? Do I need to keep it? Can I give it to someone else? Or just take it to Goodwill? You can imagine the tears as I touched each thing- processed its worth to Leisha- to me- and made our decision. Cait would just listen as I processed and grieved. But she kept me on task- at my speed, but on task.

Then came the task of getting the right shade of green. Kim Basinger sat and listened to us one evening and helped us find not only the right "Leisha shade" of green, but also the right feel for the room. We had to prime over the bright colors- Cait got us started- putting the paintbrush to that first wall was so tough. Then Brie got home from school and began to help us put the overall room design together.

And I started painting the GREEN. Ren helped Saturday night. I knew I couldn't do it all myself- it was just too hard! So we celebrated our 31 years of marriage by painting together. I don't think we've done that very often in our 31 years. But it was good to be together remembering.

I found myself remembering so many things-
it started out bubble gum pink as 'the girls room' - they all three had twin beds in there. Don't ask me how- but it worked then.
Then we got bunk beds - which helped, but by then Cait had moved into what used to be a play room. And of course, Brie & Leisha wanted to paint it a different color. I think it was blue, yellow,pink & green that time.
Then we moved our bedroom up to the attic- so Brie moved into our room. That's when Leisha painted it the already mentioned hot pink, yellow & orange.

I remembered tearful conversations, excited dream sessions, deep thoughts, intense debates, not just with Leisha but with all three of the girls. Sometimes I was part of the conversations- sometimes I could just hear them from the floor below. And the giggles & squeals- do girls ever stop doing that? It was all so SO BIG sometimes all I could do was listen - I couldn't begin to absorb it all for the grandeur of it! But I've pondered it many times since- especially this weekend as I painted GREEN!

We have a ways to go- putting up a new ceiling- refinishing a floor- turning the closet into my office. But phase 1, 2 & 3 are done. Not sure how many phases are left- but I think the hardest is part is over, and it's already beginning to grow new life in all it's greeness!

I love the color green!


  1. Kathy, I'm sure that was a most difficult job. Can't imagine all the memories that came flooding back. Glad you had help with the paint and the emotions of the task. I love reading your posts, so inspiring. Keep up the great writing, you brighten many lives.

  2. Kathy, thank-you for being transparent AND hopeful as you walk the path marked out for you. I am always blessed by your wonderful writing. Praying...Vonnie

  3. Hi Kathy

    I thought of Leisha this week as I took Myah to church camp. One of my favorite memories of Leisha is picking her up at Camp Cherith and finding her in the same clothes that I dropped her off in a week earlier. That memory always makes me smile (and get a lump in my throat). Miss you guys!


  4. Steve, I had to laugh- I remember going on one of those trips with you to pick them up. And now it's Myah's turn! How fun! Thanks for the memory~!

  5. How wonderful of God to have given you such a symbol of your hope in the color Leisha loves. I say loves because I'm pretty sure that the God who decorated the world in so much green has a lot of that color in heaven. We glimpse that when we imagine that emerald green rainbow that surrounds His throne in Rev. 4. Wonder what color her room in His house is?

  6. Lydia! I've been reminded of that Rev 4 description of the throne many times. I had started reading in Revelation the week she died- and I was just ready to read Rev 4 that next day! I know God did that!
    And as far as what color her room is now- I expect she's changing it regularly! That would be consistent with her personality!!!
    Thanks Lady!

  7. Kathy, I don't comment often, but read regularly...I am honored and touched to read your journey, not just in grief and healing, but in life. Congrats to you and Rennie on the celebration of your anniversary! How wonderful to read of the love and support that the two of you and your girls bring to each other at this time in your life...take care