Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thirty ONE Years ago Today...

...and in about 2 hours- considering the time change in Texas- I married my best friend!

I say that still because I have never had a friend that has known me so completely, and still chosen to love me- over and over again!

Rennie, I'm so grateful for you! You continue to care for and listen to and work to provide a 'safe' place for me- even though I know you would rather I come with you on the next 'adventure'!
Thank you for your faithfulness to me! for your ever constant pursuit of me even when I've turned away, and for your steady love and devotion to our sweet girls!

I'm so grateful for you! And for all you are allowing God to teach you even as you keep on with what you must do!

I love you- truly I do!

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