Friday, June 11, 2010

Still thinking about our wedding!

Here it is our anniversary week & Ren and I have hardly seen each. I had a speaking engagement on Thursday evening that kept me focused and Ren's been working hard to keep everything going at work. So...we're hoping to celebrate Saturday evening somehow.

But it has kept me thinking about that day we got married and all the people that made extra efforts to be there. We lived far from the school we went to in Omaha- so it was a real effort for most of our attendents to be around for it. I know my roomie ended up being in Ecuador that week and one of Ren's best friends was on a harvesting crew and couldn't get off. That was ok! We thought of them all anyway!

But since I've heard from some of 'those' who could come- whether it was to sing or to be a groomsman or bridesmaid- I thought it would be fun to post some of those pices here too. These are all people who have meant a great deal to us- and though our paths have all gone different directions- it's great to reconnect over the years.
So here's to remembering!

This was Praise Song, the group I traveled with the year before we got married. I knew I wanted them to sing before I knew anything else.

Meet Cathy Rosentrator Wagner, Mark Ellis, me, Deanna Koehn Duerkson & Rolly Walter.

Everyone thought it looks like Mark & I are getting married- I don't know why we didn't have Ren in the picture.

And here is the wedding party, Betsy Schmidt Olsen, Tim Busenitz, Cyndy Thiessen Bergmaier (my sister) me, Ren, Devin Burrus (Ren's bro), Mindy Wimberly Putmam (Ren's cousin) & Leo Reimer. Such a fun day!
Whether you stood with us that day- or have been standing with us during the past 31 years in other ways- WE ARE MOST GRATEFUL!
Thank you for your faithful friendship- even if we have not seen you in years! We're grateful for the role you have played in our lives.

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