Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Cait!

I celebrate you today Sweetheart! Today you turn 24! I know- you feel 'old'- after all it is almost a quarter of a century! And yet you are so young with life & vision and knowlege!

I marvel daily at your joy of learning! Ok so writing a paper is not your favorite thing- and yet it is! You love the digging and reading and putting it all together. Your face lights up when Dad or anyone else wants to genuinely know what you are learning.

I admire so much the relationships in your life- the depth of friendship and comraderie you have with them. The loyalty and love you feel for them! Some of them invited you into the relationship- others you brought close.

I love the fact that you don't know what you'll be when you 'grow up'! I know it's awkward- and even hard at times! But you know from watching your Dad & I that WHAT you do is always changing. But HOW you do anything you do will always be part of you! So keep "BE"ing you! You are amazing!

I'm so grateful you are in our lives! I'm so proud of how you've weathered life as it has been dealt you and taken BOLD next steps. I love how you love! Deeply, "care"fully and authentically!

Happy Birthday dear one!
I love having you for a daughter!

(aren't you glad I didn't say "I remember when you were born...."?)

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