Friday, January 28, 2011

I asked for...

So this morning I asked for clarity! I wanted to SEE more clearly who I was, where I am to go, what I am to do!

He showed me a jar in my sink- soaking so that it would not be so hard to clean. It was full of mucky water. You know how it gets! But as I was rinsing other dishes, I let the faucet water run into that jar. Slowly, but surely the water in the jar began to clear- so much so that soon it I could see through it. And with only a little effort- it came completely clean.

I saw my answer! Let ME pour into you Kathy! Let me run- fresh & clear!
And you will SEE!
You will KNOW who you are, and where to go and what to do!
But most important- you will KNOW ME!
You will SEE ME!
And you will be clean!

Ah Lord! I choose to sit under the faucet of your love & grace!
Run in me & through me!
I long to SEE YOU!

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