Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letter to Mary Beth Chapman

Dear Mary Beth!
It seems that everyone I know that has read your book has called or emailed me to recommend it to me! I have to tell you- I didn't want to read it.

Our youngest daughter died 4 years ago- hit by a car as she was walking-at the age of 15. Just moments before, I had a conversation with her on that road and she spoke of dreams and hopes for her future. I teased her that she was impatient to get her driver's license because she wanted power. She replied, "I don't need power. I want to influence. I want to say to people, 'I'm going, come with me." Just a few minutes later she was gone.

When I heard of Maria's death- my heart broke from you! The journey is so difficult. I guess I didn't want to read your book because I was afraid you had found some way to trust harder- or grieve better. It was such a relief to me to hear your real, 'way it is' story. So many times, my college daughters would hear me say 'oh yes!' or 'I so get that!' And I so understand the book title- it is a choice to SEE. As we've come through our journey, my by-line is 'seeing green hope in a brown world.'

This Christmas, I found I needed to talk about Leisha alot- I needed to grieve- but no one near me felt that same need. As I read your book on Friday- from beginning to end- I realized I was able to grieve with you- two moms longing for their girls.

Thank you for being honest! Thank you for grieving out loud. Thank you for listeing to the dream God gave to Beth on your behalf.

I will pray for rest for you in 2011!
Kathy in Ohio


  1. Kathy - I read this book in the past couple of months and it was such a good book. Even though I haven't lost a daughter to death, our family is dealing with losing a daughter in another way, which sometimes feels like death. We are praying for God's continued work in her life. I so appreciated Mary Beth's openness to what she is going through and the courage that they have in adoption.

    I pray that this year you will find peace that only God can give and that as you seek your dream, you will constantly know and feel His presence.

    I've just started reading a book by Kay Arthur "When the Hurt Runs Deep." Have you read it?

  2. So I'm a bit behind on your blog...hence, why I'm responding to this 1.5 months after you wrote it. But just wanted to say I LOVE your wording: "Thank you for grieving out loud."

    Blessings - faith, hope, love, and peace - as you continue your process of grief, which never really ends, just changes.