Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Place of Beginning Again!

Today's the day! It's been marked on my calender for months now! 1/11/11
The day I would BEGIN AGAIN!

Haven't you ever wished to start over? A do-over day to make things different than they were before; to cleanse the impurities and imperfections of what was and make it NEW or at least better than it was; to take the opportunities to 'follow your dream' and know that you will succeed.

Today is my place of BEGINNING AGAIN!
It started just like yesterday did. I woke up, fixed a cup of tea, checked my email and facebook messages, and got ready for the day. But today is different.

You see, I've quit my job! It was a good job! I love the people I worked with and the purpose I served in helping them realize the dream they have for a dear group of people and it's community.

But over the past few months, I've been reminded of my dream- the dream that was given to me long ago, a dream that was all but forgotten in the shadows of the past few years with all the obstacles, and border bullies, and set backs.

If you've read Bruce Wilkinson's book, The Dream Giver, you understand what I'm saying. It's the story of a Nobody named Ordinary who lived in the Land of Familiar doing the Usual. Then one morning Ordinary woke up and discovered a Big Dream that lay in a small corner of his heart. The rest of the book is about his journey out of the Land of Familiar to his Big Dream!

I actually feel like I've been at the place in Ordinary's journey where he had arrived at the Big Dream - was doing the Big Dream- saw success at the Big Dream. When Dream Giver says, Come further!

"He opened the gate and stepped outside. But as he did, he felt strangely...uncomfortable. He looked toward the distant Unknown.
Well done, Ordinary! the Dream Giver said. You are a good and faithful Dreamer. Now let me show you more.

'More?' asked Ordinary.
More, said the Dream Giver. There's so much more of my Big Dream waiting for you!...Soon you will leave what is familiar once again, the Dream Giver said. And I will be with you!"

That's where I'm standing right now- between the Land of Familiar and the Unknown. It actually feels really good. I had thought for a while that my dream was dead- or I was too lost to find it again. But my Ever Faithful, Dream Giving God has not forgotten me- nor let me forget what He planted in me so long ago.

So here I am Lord! I've picked up the backpack and I'm ready- at the edge of the Unknown- knowing You are here with me! Let's begin this journey!

"Ordinary looked again at what lay in his (her) future. The horizon was full of promise.
'Thank you, Dream Giver!' Ordinary whispered. 'Thank you for the gift of my Big Dream!'
And (s)he began to hum an unfamiliar tune."
The End, not! It's only the BEGINNING!

(Want to know what's next? keep watching! I'll post it here soon. Or call me and I'll fill you in!)


  1. My, you were up early! Keep us informed on how the dream progresses. So glad you are pursuing it. Some days of my life I felt like I had a "tiger in my tank" that never quite got out! I think he came close to emerging our years in Germany. Wilkinson's book sounds interesting.

  2. This is so great, can't wait to watch the dream unfold!

  3. Aunt Rosalie- I wasn't really up sooo early- I'm not sure why it recorded it so early.
    Hey- it's never too late to let that 'tiger' out!
    Barb- I've been inspired by you and Deerslayers step of faith too!
    Praying for you both!