Monday, August 13, 2012

All Praise Belongs to You!

So often in corporate worship, someone else chooses the songs that lead us to the throne. Our Worship Pastor, Jason Hinkle, does that for us at Crossroads.   This song is no exception.  Not only did he choose it, he wrote it- out of his worship, for our worship.  Coupled with the song I shared earlier, this weekend was a powerful time in worship to my God.  I wanted to share it here too!


   You've called us, we've answered   We've come together in this place
  We cry out,    You listen     To hearts that long to sing your praise

  This is the reason we have come
  To offer praise to You alone

All praise belongs to You, for only You are God
There’s no other One who can compare
For all things belong to You, You’ve breathed us into life
With every breath You’ve given we will praise, oh we will praise

   You dwell in     the praises
   Of those whose lives have been renewed
   We lift up    our voices
   Singing in spirit and in truth

  All Honor and glory belong to You  
  For You have created all things
  Things in heaven and earth all bow down to You
  For You alone deserve our praise

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