Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leisha's HOPE!


The last few weeks have been a plethora of emotions. I can't begin to name all of them.  Actually the last month has taken on a personality of it own.  One I hadn't planned for this summer- yet I know it's right!  I know it's what I was to do!  What we as a family were to be part of!

Over a month ago - June 25th, I visited the DEEP WOODS and listened!  It was a sweet day!  Probably the best day I've had out there- and I've enjoyed them all.  I heard a lot of things that day!  Some I wrote about!  Most seemed random in some way- but I 'noticed' them. 

As I sat in the FAITH cabin that day, the longing in my heart grew to see the HOPE cabin completed.  But how?  How could I raise enough funds to build it- let alone furnish it.  Every extra dollar we have right now is spoken for- for a long time.  Lord, how could we do this?  As I took one more gander back to the HOPE site, I prayed.  Lord, who would be willing to help us build HOPE in the DEEP WOODS?   I began my walk out of the woods and as I came to the clearing, the thought came to me, "Fix your garbage pail dinner and invite others to join you!"  Immediately I knew that was my answer. 

And now it is history! 


Not just a cabin, but the larger cabin, furnishing it and contributing nearly  1/3 of what is needed towards  the electric project for the woods!   HOORAY!!!!  Just got word today that the cabin has been ordered.  Lord willing, weather permitting, we should be able to get it built in September.  We are so very grateful!

The support toward the LEISHA'S HOPE Project was tremendous!  The notes we received, the stories we heard were all part of the joy of 'continuing to influence our world with hope!"  There is so much joy that comes with that!  Perhaps the greatest joy for Ren and I was doing this event with our girls, Caitlin and Brielle.  Their participation made this event so much more meaningful for us.  And the fact that they brought two awesome & strong young men with them didn't hurt either.  We thoroughly enjoyed them all. 

So...back to the plethora of emotions.  Why so many?  Shouldn't I just be excited that our dream of building the HOPE Cabin is becoming a reality.  Well, yes!  Of course I am!

But I'm also keenly aware that Leisha would have loved this!  She would have loved getting her friends together.  (some of them came to be part of it last weekend) She would have loved planning a party!  She would have loved the woods, and the cabins and the 'sacred space'!  She would have loved people from our past and our present, friends and family,  joining together to make this thing work.  She would have loved reading the notes and telling people about it.  Every where I looked I saw things I know she would have enjoyed being part of. 

I have a very real sense that she knows- however they know after they have gone on to heaven.  She knows what has taken place and rejoices for us all.'s not like having her there.  I watch as the two sisters and their guys interact together on the bales of hay, and I know she would have loved that conversation.  She would have loved teasing the guys, messing with the girls and just being part of the family time. 

But I've really missed her this week.  It wasn't until today that the tears really fell.  My heart has been busy for a while now- planning, preparing, returning things, etc.  Today, I rested!  Today I realized how much I wish she was here and we didn't feel this strong need to build the cabin called HOPE.  But since she's not- I love that the memorial to her life is green, life giving, and influencing others with hope!

'Continuing the influence of HOPE!"
Now that's what I want to be about!


  1. Sending you a big hug! And you can cry if you want.....

  2. Praise God.. I can't wait to visit.
    So Awesome.... I read each of your post at the green ribbons as I walked this week..
    The aroma like Jesus really was great.. Do we all yearn to have a Aroma like Jesus.. Sweet, sweet Jesus.. Thank You Kathy...For your sweetness and words of encouragement, to walk like Jesus.. I can only even get a small glimpes of walking like Him If I am still and listen . This deep woods is so Awesome and God is helping me to grow intothe women I want to be in that woods, being still and excited to be still for the first time ever loving it,is so awesome.. Thank You So much for sharing you special place and your heart.. God Bless , Hug'z janet