Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet the Thiessen Family- all of them!

It all started with TWO Thiessen's- about 56 years ago! 

It was literally two Thiessen's.  Dad was a Thiessen and Mom was a Thiessen. We've gone back about 14 generations and still haven't found a connection of their two families.  Because their last names were the same, and they were both from Kansas, they sat near each other in all of their classes. Professors thought they were siblings so they never gave them grief when they spent a lot of time with each other.  

Then there were the original FIVE!
Kathy, Cyndy, Steve, Brad, Doug

I mean, FIVE!

Seriously KIDS!

Then each one added one!
Spouses left to right: Rennie, Eileen, Tanya, Jenny, Tom
I won't go by dates they entered the family, or by age!
But Tom's the oldest and Jenny is the youngest.

And then there were more originals to come! (left to right)
Two of Kathy's girls are pictured here: Brielle and Caitlin
Then Steve's kids: Kara, Kayleen and Kyle
Brad's have Lyndsi and Chelsi
and Cyndy's tribe is Kristen, Matthew, Shannon and Phil

Now they have begun to add some of their own. 
Jason, Steve, Steve and the little one, Abbi.
Yes, if you noticed there are two more Steve's in the family
- and they both are with Steve's girls!
Talk about marrying someone like your dad!

Even a few that aren't IN...yet!
Jack and Zach joined us this year!  Girls, we like them both!
From left to right by families:

  •  Brielle and her fiance Jason Augsburger, Caitlin with boyfriend Jack Andrews and our dog Lucy, Rennie and Kathy, 
  • Kayleen and fiance Steve Meckle, my brother Steve and Eileen, Kara with husband Steve Piatt and 2 month old Abigal Paige Piatt (APP), Kyle is standing behind them, 
  • Dad and Mom, 
  • Chelsi with boyfriend Zac, Lyndsi, Brad and Tanya, 
  • Doug and Jenny, 
  • Tom, Kristen, Matt, Shannon, Phil and Cyndy Bergmaier

Nope, nothin' much has changed in the Thiessen family!

Merry Christmas!  May your 2013 be filled with hope, peace and joy!  
And may your family have as much fun as we did in the new year!

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