Saturday, April 13, 2013

Long hear from...!

     Responsibility to someone or for some activity.

Over the last few weeks, I guess it is months now, I haven't posted anything here!

At first, I wondered if anyone would notice.  To my surprise, some did!
The comments started coming.
     Where are you?  Why aren't you writing?
     Are you doing ok?
     I've missed your blogs!  Hope you will write again soon!

As I replied, I realized that I have missed the writing, or more importantly, the processing of my many thoughts.  They have just been rumbling around in my brain, tumbling over each other in an effort to find some place to land.  Writing here on this blog has been a 'place' for so many musings over the past several years.

I also began to ponder that, if there are people who have missed what I am writing, then the words that God gives me to write here are not just for me- but for a kingdom work He is doing in others also.

It took others who were willing to hold me accountable to the process to remind me.
Thanks for noticing!
Thanks of the challenge to process out loud.

Thanks for stopping in at the Brickhouse to see how GREEN HOPE is showing up!
I have lot's to tell you!
Talk to you soon!

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