Monday, April 19, 2010

a Space in my basement

Who would have thought that just knowing there is an empty place in my basement would be good for my soul?

I spent most of Saturday sitting in my garage sale booth among belongings that I haven't used for a while. We have spent the past year uncluttering our home. I say WE because it has been a process that my oldest daughter has been helping me do in between her college and Master's degrees. She's had her hands full helping me to let go of things that hold special memories for me. She's been extremely patient, listening to lot's of stories and providing kleenex and a shoulder to cry on as many emotions come spilling out.

In the last 7 years or so, I've done very little uncluttering. Part of the reason was I was just too tired. My health had taken a turn and it was all I could do to live life with some zest.

But the main reason was that as life had happened, all these "things" became my scrapbook of memories; when times were better, when the girls were young. One of those items was my old dining room table. We haven't used it for several years. But I have vivid memories of the girls doing school at the dining table, enjoying a tea party at the end of our first week of school, or celebrating a birthday with family & friends. I had moved that table from my dining room, to the attic, to the basement. But now it was time to move it out completely and find someone else who could make memories there.

As I sat next to it, and appreciated it's vintage beauty, even though it needed a great deal of attention by now, I relived all those memories. And I committed to take it back home and fix it up myself. Maybe we could find another way to use it...

And then she came- a woman walked in the front door straight to me- and my table with purpose. In minutes, she made an offer and it was hers! She saw it's potential and that someone else would want it too. Her husband, who had to leave his other job due to parkinson's and a heart condition, was refinishing furniture and finding homes for them for their income now. I was thrilled!

As I came home and walked in my front door, I couldn't see the place where the table had been. But I knew there was a bit more free space in our home where we could live with more freedom. In the mean time, I cherished once again the memories that I will always have with me! And I somehow felt stronger! I had faced my fear of letting go- and found healing! A place for green to thrive! I knew that this was a good thing in my home, and in my heart!

Now- I've got this great old desk....!

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