Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's my birthday!

It's hard to fathom another year has gone by- I'm another year older- my life is one year less! Six weeks ago, I heard of a woman who had just been given 5 weeks to live. I was struck by such a brief amount of time. I wondered for days what I would want to do if I was told I only had 5 weeks left to live. Who would I want to be with? What things would I want to accomplish or what words would I want to say and to whom?

I never really came up good answers for all of it. I knew that I would want Ren and the girls with me to touch, to hold, to say I love them. I would call my parents & siblings and some dear friends and remind them that I love them too and how grateful I am that they have been in my life.

But I couldn't really come up with things I wanted to do yet. A bucket list didn't seem that important. With all those dear people around me- there really is little else I would want to do. The rest just doesn't matter. I wouldn't want to finish 'uncluttering' my home as I wrote about yesterday. I wouldn't want to complete my spring wardrobe or create a perfect front garden. I wouldn't care if I ever visited Rome or Israel, unless my girls were there. I wouldn't care if I wrote another message or even a book. I might write here again- but only because I would want to say something to you- the reader who cared enough about me to read what I would write in my last days.

Here I am 6 weeks later. The woman who had 5 weeks has already gone on to be with the Lord. I'm still here! To live, to love, to laugh with all those precious people God has placed in my life. I celebrate that you are in my life! I'm so grateful! Thank you for allowing God to use your gifts and abilities to strengthen and empower mine! You are such a gift! It's you I celebrate today!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kathy. Thanks so much for sharing these two blogs that you wrote. Both of them spoke to my heart in different ways with reminders that I need to hear often. I have lots of things that I "think" about writing about, but it's so hard for me to actually sit down and write them. ah, well, some day or maybe not. either way, i'm trying to live every day to the fullest.

  2. I saw you on this day! I had no idea it was your birthday!

    Happy Be-lated Birthday! :)