Friday, May 28, 2010

Cait is my GREEN today!

This is her last day at work. She's been working at the daycare here at church, so it's been such fun to have her stop by on her break or go down and watch her with the kids when I wanted to see her.
But she's taking this huge step of faith and leaving for Israel next week. She's going to be Indiana Jones(or Indiana Cait) and spend the summer at a archeological dig. Then next fall she'll be in Jerusalem studying for the semester.

I'm so excited for her! I really am! She's traveled all over the world already- Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Uganda! But I'm finding myself emotional in this process. And that's as it should be! I just haven't felt it so strongly till this week. I'm sure it will only intensify by the time she leaves!

I decided a long time ago- I'd rather have my girls growing and inspired by incredible things, even if it is somewhere far away- than stuck or complacent close by. I know there are things they can be inspired by right in their own backyard- but sometimes you have to go away to see those.

Anyway, Cait- here's to you!
For the passion you have shown working with these little ones!
For the patience you have shown walking through this past year with your parents.
For the faith you have shown taking this next adventurous step.
For the grace you have shown living and loving through it all!
I'm so proud of you sweetheart!
I love you!


  1. Love that girl! No wonder you're proud...she is an amazing young woman. (She gets it honest!)

  2. How fun it is to have an amazing young woman that used to babysit her say that of her! Thanks! fun to see you family on your blog also!