Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pondering GREEN!

I've been thinking lot's about GREEN this weekend! Obviously-because of Leisha's birthday, but other reasons too!

One is that lot's of 'readers' have shared their GREEN with me since I posted! Some on the blog, others on FB, but also some this weekend at church. It was so inspiring to have people walk up to me and say- I saw my child, in my front yard, in my relationship with an old friend, in ... so life giving to hear all the spottings of GREEN! I love it! and I know other's are benefiting too! For some- it comes at a crucial time when they can't see GREEN at all. It's all brown. They need the reminders of those who can see it now. So...Keep it coming!

The other GREEN pondering has come because we're finally ready to do something special with Leisha's room. It's been so hard to 'own' any changes. She had just painted it, all by herself mostly, shortly before she died. It's got two walls of bright yellow, one hot pink and one bright orange. It's got bright Polka dotted (bedsheet) curtains too, as well as, a carpet that needs to be replaced or removed because of a great wood floor underneath. But it's not 'right' without her in it- so we want to claim the room again in a way.

So, we've decided we want to paint it GREEN! Naturally!

We just can't decide what "SHADE" of green! Do you know how many GREENS are out there? And, in light of all the emotions connected with it, we can't just do something- it has to be the RIGHT thing!

We also really had not been able to decide what the 'purpose' of the room was?
It's not really a bedroom, though we could put in a large air mattress for guests.
It's not really a library- though we have books in every room in this house.
So what is it now?

I got to thinking about what a 'GREEN ROOM" is! You know that room in a theater or studio that functions as a break/ touch up lounge so that performers don't have to go back to the wardrobe/ dressing rooms and are still easily accessible for their 'call'!

I realized- that's what I want this room to be. A place where we 'the perfomers of life' can go for a break or touch up so that we're easily accessible to for our 'next call'. A place of rest, refreshment, calm, inspiration, HOPE! A place of Shalom!

Our pastor modeled the idea for me by turning his office into a SHALOM for those of us in the office. We meet on Tuesday mornings in the SHALOM and share life, share the wonders of God and the Brown places it shows itself. It's been life giving- I think, for all of us!

I long for this room to be a place where we can take time to NOTICE the GREEN that is happening. I don't know what that looks like yet, but I'm looking forward to it being a place of HOPE.

I hope you have a place to go- where you NOTICE the GREEN, worship the God who is growing it and find SHALOM! If not, I've got this huge paint chip book you can look at!! I'm sure they've got your color somewhere!

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