Friday, March 25, 2011

Follow the prompt!

You know those times when you get a card from someone or a phone call from someone you haven't talked to for a while and you are amazed at the timing of that note or call. It came at just the moment you were feeling a discouragement or a insecurity and made all the difference in your day.

Or what about that moment when you feel that you should write a note to someone or make a call to see how someone is doing. It doesn't pop up on a screen like a prompt does on the computer to tell you what you need to do next or answer next. It's just a sense you have that God wants you to take action in some way. Sometimes you go ahead and do it and find that your note or card came at just the right time to encourage them.

But sometimes you don't! Not because you don't want to- you do! You start to more than once, but something interupts you and then it's too late- or too early, you'll do it later. Time just gets away from you and you don't. Pretty soon the feeling fades and you pray that someone else did write or did call and you move on- not knowing if it would have mattered or not.

But not this time! This time, it might have mattered. This time, it might have encouraged. And you know it might not have changed things- but it also might have. This time, you are only left to wonder. Because it is too late! She is gone! You'll never know.

What IS God saying to you in this moment? Where do you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to give voice to your pain or give voice to you encouragement? What are you hearing? What are you sensing?

I know- God is soverign! I know- He is the Blessed Controller! I must trust Him to know better than I! But I also know that above all else- I want to be part of what He is doing in the lives of people.
And that means stopping!
Learning to hear his voice above the roar of the noises in life!
And then responding to His voice & His promptings!

I don't want to be left to wonder again!

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