Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Brie!

Today I celebrate you!
Though I have been for weeks now! To hear you speak and process and love and laugh with such depth, richness & authenticity has been so inspiring.

I'm amazed how your bold step to spend last fall in Rome- so far from home, actually brought you back home in so many ways- with calm, and contentment & much joy! It gave you confidence to take other bold steps in life to find health and healing, adventure & peace.

I wonder at the clarity of purpose you gained while in a surroundings so different than you've ever known. Your attention to what you saw and experienced made you keenly aware of those 'awe inspiring' moments that left you breathless- speechless- full of wonder!

I love how you are translating that awareness to your work and relationships here at home. Your art shows how you SEE and feel and love. I see it! I feel it! I love it! It's so awesome to see the real you in all of your beauty continuing to grow and develop.

I know you are looking at your 'one more year' in school as a very short time to get it all in. But it's only a beginning of all there is to be amazed by in your world.

Work like you don't need the money! Love like you've never been hurt! Dance like no one is watching!

I love that you are my daughter! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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