Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leisha's HOPE Update

We are rejoicing!

It has been thrilling to see monies come in for the
Leisha's HOPE project-
and even more to see the interest that is growing for the
DEEP WOODS project.

Without knowing of our desire to build the HOPE cabin, another donor chose to take on the FAITH cabin which is actually being built this fall already.  It is the bigger of the 4 cabins, so it will soon be ready and available for families or larger groups to use.  Not sure yet of the furnishings, but I'm sure it will be very nice.

I wanted to update you- and encourage you to join in - not just for Leisha's HOPE, but for the place of healing & hope that the DEEP WOODS has been and will be to many.  

Last week, as I was praying for my family and the cares and concerns of those in my world, I had a vision of Leisha.  She greeted me gently with a twirl of her fingers,  then she slide to the ground with her legs crossed in front of her,  turned her head, much like the picture to the left and began to blow a dandelion.  I held in my hand a dandelion I had picked up earlier on my walk. I had tried to blow out the seedlings, but they refused to budge.  Now I lifted it again, and the fuzz began to blow out freely in front of me.

You know, I'm not prone to have 'visions' - but this was very clear to me.  I know that this was a reminder to keep on influencing others to find hope.   It is our family's heart's desire to offer that safe place of HOPE to many others who find themselves in desperate places! You have been part of loving Leisha and loving us in our journey toward healing. We wanted to give you an opportunity to join us as we seek to provide another avenue of HOPE for others.

Join us by being part of funding, constructing and furnishing the HOPE Cabin in DEEP WOODS as part of Leisha’s HOPE. The cost of constructing the HOPE Cabin, which is 12’ x 16’, will run about $8,000. Projected costs for furnishing that space with a small desk & chair, a rocker and lamp table, as well as, a small bed is $700.

 As funds are available, a chapel with restroom facilities and electricity will be added to the DEEP WOODS space, but currently we use lanterns and a very well cared for outhouse when the church facilities are closed.  More information of DEEP WOODS is available. Feel free to email or call if you have questions or for a brochure. (You might also check out the August 12 blog) 

Donations can be made directly to Crossroads Church, 775 S Thayer Road, Lima, Ohio 45806 earmarked as DEEP WOODS/ Leisha’s HOPE.  It is our desire to have all the funds raised by January 30, 2012 so that supplies can be purchased and building can begin early spring.

Pucker up your lips and blow- you have the opportunity to be the influence of hope in someone's life today! Just keep your eyes open so you can see the people that come into your life.

Seeing Green!
Kathy, for Rennie, Caitlin, Brielle and Leisha!

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