Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where is the HOPE? Part 2

This weekend I've been asking myself the question, "Where is God trying to break into my world to speak into my grief?  What is he saying?  Why am I feeling this all again so strongly?"

Several things came to mind:
1. It's not just my grief that I am aware of.  It's the grief of people struggling to make sense still of the 9/11 tragedy 10 years ago.  It's the pain of marriages trying desperately to survive, yet failing miserably because of the years of layers that have hidden the true love they had for one another.  It's the young man urgently seeking to turn his life around, only to be trapped by the false messages from his past and the consequences of his actions. It's people in the East dealing with floods, it's people in Texas dealing with fire.  It's so many others who are dealing with loss and pain- emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, professionally, ....

Where is the hope for these people?  How do I lift their chins to see the face of God when they've never known Him before?

2. I watched the movie, "Titanic" this weekend.  I found myself weeping - no, sobbing- as this iconic vessel came crashing down- amidst the screams and paralyzing fear of its occupants.  Only a few survived, mostly women and children, largely due to the protocol of the ship's crew.  As one of the life boats finally came back to search for any survivors, there is a dark, ominous scene as the boat slowly makes its way through a floating maze of frozen bodies.  These had been frantic people just moments before trying desperately to call for help or find a way to survive.  Yet now, there was only silence & death.  Except of course for the heroine of the movie, Rose.  She had been saved by the valiant efforts of a boy she had met on the ship and fell in love with.  But he could not save himself.  

Was I weeping for the people of the Titanic all these years later?  I suppose some of my tears were for them.  But it was more for all the people they represent in our world right now.  People that give a silent scream, a desperate cry for help.  If we are listening, the sound is deafening.

Where is their hope?  

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