Monday, October 8, 2012


Last week the floor was laid in the HOPE cabin- and moving in day was Thursday!  It was a beautiful day! Incredible really!  The WOODS were beautiful with the leaves just beginning to turn. As I rode out to the site on the wagon filled with furnishings, I marveled at the feeling of joy that I felt.  And as we began to unpack, that joy only grew. You know that feeling when you begin to see all the peices of a puzzle put together- only way better!

Often when you think of a cabin in the woods, it's pretty rustic.  Well, we may not have electricity yet, and you may have to walk to find the porta-potty, but the insides of these cabins are not rustic.  They are great!  Each one with a different personality.

We have been collecting things for the HOPE cabin for 2 1/2 months.  Pastor Randy is great with design and Pastor Barb sees things that will help people see anything better.  The two of them, along with some great assistance from Randy's wife, Rhonda, gathered most of the items.  Ren's mom had us bring a small barnwood cabinet from her house to include.  Brie found a rug and ...'s amazing!

(I'm not showing pics of the inside until after the Cabin Dedication on October 14th at 2pm in the Deep Woods!  Come join us!  If you want to see teasers- check out my FB page at Kathy Burrus)

All day Thursday, I was so excited with the thought of it.   I was running errands for supplies for the dedication event, and enjoying the warmth of the day, looing forward to the day we could show it to our world-especially to Cait & Brie!  My plans were to run home and get some stuff so Ren & I could spend the first night in the cabin!

But I got home and ...this crisis of emotions begin to overwhelm! Yes!  I am thrilled the cabin is built.  Even more thrilled that we are very near the dedication of it so others can use it.  But even as I saw the items being unpacked and put together, I became keenly aware of how incredibly the SPIRIT of HOPE was captured. For me, it was also a reminder of Leisha's spirit.  Full of color- Greens, of course. Full of texture- never the same way twice with her.  Full of wondering- how she would LOVE this chair, or that one, or the colors, or...!

Suddenly, though I have felt her influence in all of this,  I was completely spent with feeling her absence. My heart was torn with being exceedingly joyful and sad all at once! I realized that my first time in the cabin could not be rushed!   I would need time to prepare my heart for something more than just the experience.  Somehow, God is using this cabin to heal more wounded places than I knew were still there.

Six years ago, I felt that darkness was swallowing me up. I was at a place where I couldn't imagine feeling hope again- let alone joy!  Today I feel both.  But I am reminded that I can feel those so strongly because I've known what it's like to not feel them!

How about you? 
Are you feeling hope and joy right now in great abundance? 
Oh I celebrate with you!  Drink it up! Be grateful!

Are you feeling dispair and darkness so strong it's about to drown you?
Oh I'm so sorry it hurts so bad!  Please don't go it alone!  Please reach out to someone you trust!

But more than anything- stop flailing, as if trying to get out of quicksand.
Stop, Close your eyes, and in your minds eye, look for the glimmer of HOPE that God has planted there just for you!  Come on, humor me!  Just do it!  Keep looking!  Keep looking! Do you see it? 

...that little leaf of green!

...that's HOPE!

...growing just for you!

I'd love to hear from you!  Add a comment or send me an email at  You are not in this alone! 

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  1. I am so excited for all of you Kathy! I imagine there is a full gamut of emotions....all part of your journey. Praying you all the bests in this.
    Love and Blessings,
    Kim Messick
    Lexington, KY