Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Passing On HOPE!

So at the HOPE dedication, we gave those attending a small 'hunk of hope'.  It was just a green stone, but the purpose of it was to drop it in a pocket or purse and every time they came up on it, they were to remember there is HOPE, and HOPE is given to be given!

So there were two HOPE stories that were shared with me!  I have to write about here. They are two pictures of HOPE that made a difference in my life.  Maybe they will in yours too!

One of the gifts of HOPE was this cross laying on the table.  At first, I didn't know where it came from. But after the prayer time around the cabin, I came back up to the front to open the front door, it was resting in one of the front porch chairs.  Instantly I remember Charlie Rayl saying, 'I'm making something for HOPE!"  I knew this was it.  You can't tell from the pic, but it's about 3-4 inches thick and stained with green.  Charlie was watching me as I looked it over.  He came to tell me that he got the wood  from a house in Henryville, IN when he and a group of guys from Crossroads went to help "CONVOY OF HOPE" rebuild homes after the tornado there.  So he said "I built this out of their hope, for your hope, for HOPE!"
So very cool!

The Sunday before the dedication, Charlie andJanice had come up to me to tell me that they had a gift for me!  Out of his pocket, he pulled this HOPE bracelet.  They said it was a gift from their 15 year old niece who had been wearing it at a family dinner.  They told her our story of hope, and the cabin, etc.  She pulled it off and said,
"Give it to that mom!  I don't need it anymore!"

I marveled that it was my 15 year old daughter, Leisha, that had taught me about hope in the first place.  Now, just as we were getting ready to dedicate the cabin, another 15 year old girl that had found hope and now could give it away, was reminding me that I had been given hope to passing it on to others.
Thank you sweet girl!  Both of you!
I've passed it on!

So now we are passing it on- to you!
What hope have you been given in your story?
Who is in your world you can pass hope to?

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