Sunday, October 28, 2012

When life fills with Extremes!

Whew!  If you've been following me- you know that I had a massive flux of posts and facebook messages and website updates right before the Dedication of the HOPE Cabin on October 14th. And then...I almost disappeared completely for a while.  I know I have had lot's of people say- so what happened!  Are you ok? Did something go wrong with the dedication?  (nice to know people really are watching and want to know what happened!)

No and No!  We had an incredible time at the dedication (more on that)!  But the week before the dedication,  Ren's dad was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia! He was in a very serious place on Thursday and we had begun the process of canceling the event.  But Ren's mom called and insisted that we keep our plans.  It seemed very important to her that our part of the family was together to celebrate HOPE right now.  It was a Leisha connection and she needed us to make it as much as we did!  So we stayed and rejoiced in the moment!

But as soon as everyone left, so did we! We only stayed for the week, but saw an incredible teamwork between Ren's mom and brother Devin and his wife, Becky.  We are so grateful for them all!  His Dad is making improvement slowly but surely but is still hospitalized   We ask for your continued prayers for Barb and Ray both.  She has been by his side through all of this!  Her care for him has been a huge part of his motivation to deal with the next doctor's question or the next poke or prod!  We're proud of them both in the journey, but we know this has been one of those 'sickness and in health' times that you never fully imagine when you say 'i do' as a young couple! I've learned so much from Barb especially as we've talked again from a distance.  Thanks for praying for them!

It has been an amazing month of extremes.
We rejoiced at the completion of the HOPE cabin- celebrating HOPE that Leisha passed on to us.
We rejoiced at the birth of the first 'great grand baby' in my family- Congrats Kara and Steve!
We rejoiced at the engagement of our daughter Brielle to Jason Augsburger.  We are thrilled.
But we also saw the struggle for life and nearness of death!

Isn't that what life is- the series of joys and sorrows, ups and downs, life and death! It's finding a way to live in the middle of it all that makes it an adventure. It also makes us clearly aware of the importance of HOPE from a source that is never ending.   Thanks for your prayers- for all those we love connected with the above extremes!  We're grateful!

(We're just catching our breath a little! So, I will try to get the HOPE CABIN updates for you now! )

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