Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Post I couldn't wait to write...then had too!

The HOPE Cabin has been dedicated!  It has already been a haven for several who have shared that God met them there!  I wish I knew all the stories, but no one will, but God himself.
But I am so excited to share it with you!

So here's the outside view as we had our celebration on the porch.  The weatherman told us we would have a chance of thunderstorms and rain, but no storms happened in the WOODS and the rain held off till the last people were making their way into the church for refreshments.

Welcome to the HOPE cabin!
the view from the porch!

a touch of green!

the HOPE Bell! First thing that was Pastor Randy purchased for the cabin.  The clapper that hangs from it is called 'Remembering You" with the words 'in loving memory' on the ceramic square in the middle.  I had wanted to do something that remembered Leisha, but I hadn't found anything that said it subtly.  When we unpacked the items for the cabin, Randy left that box for me to unwrap.  My heart was so grateful!  He didn't know Leisha, but he knew my heart and he captured that important peice from the very beginning!  I was deeply touched!  I included a picture of the cardboard that was attached the the clapper when I unwrapped it.    What a difference a single life can make!!!

Passing HOPE on to the next generation! 

Another touch of green!

One of the most precious times for me was when our family went to the cabin by ourselves to hang the green ribbon that we cut later. I had some time the Tuesday before to spend at the cabin, but it was the first time for them to see the cabin complete.  I don't think any of us were fully prepared for the emotions that were connected to this moment.  It was a very meaningful time!

We had about 35 people join us for the Dedication.  Rennie shared the purpose for our meeting- a celebration of Hope passed on to us by Leisha.  A living faith even though she is not!  A dedication of something that represents hope to many who will spend time with in its walls.

I acknowledged all those who were in attendance;
people from our past and our present,
people who knew Leisha, many who never did,
3 of Leisha's girl friends came, representing many others who connected with us during the week
some came who barely knew us, but were attracted to story of hope we had been able to share.
I wish I could share of those stories with you- but those are not mine to share!

Cait & her boyfriend, Jack Andrews & Brie and her now fiance, Jason Augsburger

Cait also brought two of her college roommates to join us!  I know they didn't know what they were getting into!  We put them to work!
Thank you Megan & Tori!
We loved having you!

We told the group gathered that as Leisha had passed on hope to us, and we had passed on hope to DEEP WOODS, now it was time for us to pass on hope to others in our world.  We gave each person a 'hunk of hope'.  It was just a green stone- they could choose the size and shape of the hope they wanted to pass on!  But I've already heard great stories of hope being passed on to others.

The girls represented LEISHA'S HOPE passing on the HOPE cabin to the Crossroads staff who represented DEEP WOODS.  Pastor Randy gave a dedicatory prayer, then invited us to surround the cabin and join hands to offer our own prayers!  As we stood, I felt the wind swirling around us, as if the very presence of the Spirit of God was surround the space.

Then Randy called me to the front. "You need to be the one to open the door!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We invite you to HOPE!"


  1. It looks wonderful! I wish I could have made it to the dedication, however I had other plans for the day. I know Leisha would have loved the cabin!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I hope some time you can sneak out to see it! I know Leisha would have loved the HOPE of it all!