Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Hope cabin...inside!

The pictures of the inside don't do it justice.  You just have to come stay her for a spell.  But I want you to see some of the wonderful spaces that are waiting for you! The color theme was youthful, eclectic green!

 the view from the front door!

 the Crossroads staff found these chairs at a coffee shop on one of their outings.  They knew right away that the HOPE cabin needed these.  They came home and almost immediately found them just by googling 'tree cut green chairs' or something.  They are so fun!  

This is a trundle bed- room for two to sleep comfortably.

The love seat Papasan chair is a special treat with a luxurious soft pillow. Already several have said how it has cradled them when they were there.  Leisha had a regular papason in her room for several years.  It was a healing place for me so many times after she died.  So when Randy suggested that we add one to the cabin (not knowing that Leisha had one), I knew that somehow Leisha was still getting what she wanted.

The barnwood cabinet was a gift from Rennie's parents made of barnwood from Lipscomb County, Texas where Rennie & I both grew up.  

 a favorite place!

Come, explore the nooks for yourself! The leaves have fallen, but the spirit of green hope is ever living in this space!  If you would rather not go alone, let me know.  I love making that journey in the woods with a friend.  It's a journey of hope!

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